Limited Lifetime Warranty

Emily Warden Designs is committed to offering delicate, fine jewelry made to cherish and pass down for generations to come. Our limited lifetime warranty on our Fine Collection is in place to ensure the lasting life of your jewelry! 

We are happy to offer repairs, maintenance, and cleaning for the lifetime of your piece free of charge (in most situations). We recommend sending in your ring on an annual basis for free prong tightening, maintenance, cleaning, and polishing. Please allow 5-10 business days for this service to be completed.

Did you recently get engaged and your ring doesn't fit? We offer one complimentary resize (1-2 sizes up or down) and every resize thereafter is $60. If the first resize needs to be sized more than a full two sizes up or down, a higher resizing fee will apply (starting at $80).

Even though we offer a lifetime warranty on your EWD piece, there are a few restrictions:

  • Our warranty does not cover repairs or stone replacements on rings that are improperly taken care of. Even though we produce "everyday" jewelry, it is not intended to be worn 24 hours a day. Our team of expert jewelers will assess the ring and determine if it's a fabrication issue or normal wear and tear. Remember: Even though solid gold is water resistant, it does still corrode metal over time which can lead to weakened prongs and tiny stones to come loose. Sleeping in your jewelry, although common, is an easy way to warp the band over time and snag tiny prongs which also can cause bending and stone loss. We recommend removing while swimming, showering and sleeping, and doing anything hands on including working out, gardening, dishes, etc. for this reason! 
  • Our warranty does not cover lost or damaged center stones valued at more than $750 unless the stone is to fall out within the first 90 days of purchase. While it is unlikely this will happen, we still recommend getting your ring insured to be able to cover this cost in the future. (Looking for an insurance company recommendation? Jewelers Mutual Group is a well trusted company!)
    • If your ring features a one-of-a-kind stone, we will do our best to source a stone as close in size and color from what is available.
    • Our designs are tailor-made to fit your specific stone, so if we do have to source another stone that doesn't quite fit, there will be design and casting fees applied if the ring has to be re-structured and re-cast. 
  • Our warranty does not cover soft stones like Opal or Emeralds. These stones are especially fragile and we do not recommend them for everyday wear, specifically in an engagement ring. Additionally, it's rare to find a similar opal due to the variation of colors but we will do our best to source a replacement. We recommend reading more on our Opal care page!
  • This warranty does not include anything outside of normal wear and tear, for example: theft, loss of your EWD piece, accidental or incidental breakage. We recommend getting your ring insured for these instances!
  • All repair work is free within the first 12 months of purchase. This includes the replacement of accent diamonds under 2mm. However, if the repair work goes beyond normal wear and tear, our jewelers will assess and we will communicate any fees associated with your repair. 
If you take your ring to another jeweler for repair, resizing, etc., that will void your warranty and your ring is no longer covered under EWD. We will not be responsible for any financial costs associated with your ring.

    If you have any questions about your ring, we reserve the right for our master jeweler to determine if there are any structural or integrity issues with your piece before proceeding.  

    Emily Warden Designs is not responsible for any shipping and handling costs if you are mailing your ring in unless we are at fault. You will be responsible for these costs and we recommend adding additional shipping insurance to be sure it arrives safe and sound!

    As always, we are here for you with any questions you may have about warranty or general jewelry care!