EWD jewelry is handcrafted with high quality materials in small batches out of Richmond, Virginia. Each piece is made to order by hand from start to finish or casted then hand finished using traditional metalsmithing / fabrication techniques. EWD combines semi-precious and precious stones ethically sourced from all over the world with fine metals to create delicate, unique, and sustainable pieces for everyday wear and special occasions.

Our jewelry is designed with the purpose to be shared, tell a story, and be passed through generations - as heirlooms and treasures with meaning and intention. Jewelry reminds us that we are still creatures of ritual and connection, for its significance grows as it is given, received, and worn.


Emily graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA with a Bachelor of Arts. She was a Studio Art major with a concentration in Metals & Jewelry and a minor in Art History. After college, she attended the New Approach School for Jewelers for advanced stone setting. In addition to her background in metalsmithing, she is also a trained glass blower with skills in hot glass blowing and sculpting.  She spent summers in New York City working at both glass and modern art galleries which has only furthered her knowledge and love for design, fashion, form, and function.  These experiences and more have helped develop her growing jewelry business.
"I've always had a love for miniatures. I made dollhouses and tiny objects when I was little. In college, I fell in love with the idea of mini wearable sculptures with beautifully colored stones & the way that they functioned on the body. The nostalgia, storytelling & ritual/historical values of jewelry resonates with me deeply. There's so much room for meaning & intention with jewelry pieces, and they have a much more intimate quality to them than any other form of art."
-Emily Warden