I place a lot of value on the process of creation and spend intimate time with each piece. I use sterling silver, 14k and 24k gold, as well as 24k gold fill, 24k rose gold fill, and etched brass. Every stone and gem is naturally occurring, genuine, and unique. I enjoy making custom jewelry for all occasions because it allows for a more intentional relationship between the maker and wearer. Because each part is hand fabricated, sanded, polished, and bezeled, no two pieces are identical - I believe this to be the greatest mark of authenticity!      

My work incorporates historical styles, vintage themes, and architectural designs in attempt to glean elegance and meaning. The range of final product includes classic, whimsical, and sophisticated jewelry for both everyday wear and special occasions. By encompassing identity and time, jewelry becomes more than just its material worth and is instead symbolic to a degree that few other objects are. In this sense, it gains the ability to represent a relationship, remind us of a story, and be passed down to and from generations. As we move through our busy lives, the enigmatic pull of jewelry is something that continues to remind us we are still creatures of ritual and connection.